Local Prevention Resources

Student Prevention Leadership Teams (SPLT)

Student Prevention Leadership Teams (SPLT) are student-driven peer-to-peer prevention efforts based in high schools across Lenawee County.  Interventions focus on reducing underage drinking, reducing prescription and over-the-counter medication misuse and abuse, and reducing marijuana use among Lenawee County Youth.

For the 2017-2018 school year, five high schools organized SPLT: Adrian, Clinton, Madison, Onsted, and Sand Creek.


Marijuana Use Prevention

25 Things to Do Instead of Drugs

As part of their Marijuana Prevention Campaign, the Adrian High School SPLT handed out candy that listed alternatives to drug use.

Two cards rest against a bag of Smarties candy. One card shows the front, which says "Choose to be drug free." The other card shows the back, which lists "25 things to do instead of drugs."

Marijuana Trivia

The Onsted SPLT created a Marijuana Trivia booth with questions on the risks of marijuana use and prizes for participation.

Two students and their teacher stand next to a red poster board. At the top, a blue title says "Marijuana Trivia" and below are seven multi-colored trivia questions.

Class Clash

The Sand Creek SPLT created a Family Feud-style game show on Kahoot. Teams representing each grade were asked questions on the risks of marijuana use and the winning team won a pizza party.

Two teams of students stand before a projection screen. The screen shows the question "What are some symptoms that a person going through withdrawal can experience?" A poster proclaims "Class Clash."

Underage Drinking Prevention


Prescription Misuse Prevention

As Needed

The As Needed leaflet highlights important concerns for parents to consider when a doctor prescribes opioids for their teenager.

A pink hand holds white pills that spell out "As Needed."

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Do Your Part

Do Your Part is a campaign that encourages everyone in the community to take responsibility for reducing access to prescription medicines that might be misused.

Do Your Part 2017 PSA

Red Barrel Drug Disposal

The Red Barrels are located across the county and provide a safe and confidential location to dispose of unused prescription medications.

A white card says "Red Barrel Drug Disposal" in red. Below is a list of disposal locations centered around a red trashcan with pills pouring into it.